Thursday, April 21, 2016

Preschool Piano

I am proudly offering the Wunderkeys program in my studio.
Students age 3 to 5 qualify for this series.

Is My Child Ready?
  • Does your child respond well to questions asked by adults other than parents?
  • Does your child sit & listen to stories with interest?
  • Is your child easily brought back to task when needed?
  • Can your child speak clearly and make himself understood in most situations?
  • Can your child wiggle only his thumbs or only his index fingers when asked?
  • Can your child hold a pencil or crayon?
  • Is your child potty trained?
  • Can you child follow two part directions when asked? (for example, "use your right hand to pick up the glass and then take it to the table.)
  • Can your child focus on a single task for 5 minute intervals?
  • Does your child show interest in the piano?
  • Does he like listening and moving to music?
  • Is he excited about the prospect of piano lessons?
  • Is your child comfortable being away from you for short periods of time?
  • Does your child know the difference between "banging" on the piano keys vs. playing carefully?
  • Do you have a piano or an adequate keyboard at home (or do you have plans to obtain one?) A home instrument will be needed.
  • Do you have the time to sit with your child regularly to assist with home piano time? Preschool piano students need their parents to help them at home every day.
  • Do you have the ability to bring your child to lessons regularly? Consistency is important to your child's success.
Is your child ready?

                                                 Finger puppets used in preschool lessons

Preschool piano duet 

Preschool piano recognition of high and low sounds

 Preschool piano high and low sounds