Programs for All Abilities

 Preschool Piano - age 3-5 

Preschool lessons are made up of 5-minute exercises involving sound and movement. Students learn finger independence, one-to-one recognition, and the concepts of soft vs. loud, long vs. short, and low vs. high – the foundation of any musical endeavor. $95/month

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 One-on-One Lessons 

Beginner and experienced lessons are personalized to the skills and goals of each player. Students from age 7 to 77, and beyond, can learn new skills or brush up on old ones. Music teaches perseverance and self-confidence, keeps the mind sharp, and brings joy to player and listener. $95/month   sign up here

Adult Group Piano Lessons

Adult group piano is for those ages 18+ who are looking to play piano as a hobby, to met others and keep the brain and body healthy.  Classes include basic music theory, and chords.  Well known songs are performed in a group and then one at a time so students learn from others.  Once the basics are met, we will dive into the genre of the students' choosing, pop, folk, decades, contemporary christian, etc. $47.50/month.

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Pricing and Services

Ukulele Classes age 8+

Ukelele  Class is a private class.  Ukelele class will cover the basics of playing ukelele, chords and strumming techniques. $95/month   sign up here

 Events and Performances 

The Studio holds an annual Spring Recital. The last recital was April 27, 2019.

Ms. Amy also selects students each year to compete at the National Federation of Music Clubs Festival, a widely known standard of excellence in music performance.  February 1&2 ,2020


Lessons for all skill levels are 30 minutes, billed monthly.

One on One piano lessons $95/month

Adult Group Piano - $47.50/month/student

Ukulele Class $95/month/student

MusikGarten group lessons (birth- 5 years old)  $26/month once a week or $40/month twice a week, $10 "Pop In" one class

Late Fee $25

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